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Sunspot is a small listening room that relies on hard-ticket sales. The goal at Sunspot is to present high-quality shows to small audiences in an environment that highlights the music.

Sunspot shows always include professionally produced sound by engineers experienced with acoustic music.

The Lyceum Lecture Hall seats about 130 people. Given the costs of the room rental and sound, performers may need to be able to draw 100 people or more in order to have a successfull show. The actual audience required for a show to work will depend, of course, on the size of the guaranty and the amount of risk the performer is willing to accept.

And, of course, a performer's music needs to fit within the range that Sunspot's established audience expects in a Sunspot show.

If you think you or your performer can met these requirements and you're interested in discussing a booking at Sunspot, please contact:

Kent Murray at
Phone: 703 304-6157

Other Area
Musical Events

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other area events page for concerts, festivals and classes.

Sunspot Partners

The Institute
Of Musical Traditions
Rockville & Takoma Park

Modern dance studio
Contradiction Dance.

Ride sharing

We list Sunspot shows on the PickupPal ride sharing site.

Go to the Sunspot page on the PickupPal site to offer or find a ride to a Sunspot show.